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About GSB Gold Standard Banking

The GSB AG, based in Dusseldorf, acts since 2011 as a worldwide holding company while its core business revolves around unique minerals and metals. GSB is one of the world leaders when it comes to the mining industry, refining and trading worldwide from its own deposits and external.

From the starting process of industrial extraction the ending process of manufacturing and retail – the GSB Group environmental protection is a top priority. Our group operates within a turnkey ecosystem, starting from the ground to the end-use.

The GSB Group has a global distribution network for industrial minerals and metals, in more than 120 countries guaranteeing delivery reliability in consistently high quality!


The world changes, we change with it!


The Blockchains transparent and fraud-resistant records lead to a wide variety of potential applications. 

We are boosting our sleepy industry!


Technological innovation is the driver of fintech companies. The advantages of digitization are to be made available for financial transactions.

We combine new technologies with old values!

What makes gold a unique investment tool?

  • High preservation capacity:
    Gold is one of the most long-life materials on Earth.

  • Liquidity:
    Gold has held a universally recognized value in all corners of the world for many thousand years.

  • Divisibility, integrability and qualitative homogeneity: 
    Gold is a plastic metal and can be cast as bars of a certain weight and fineness which is standardized and homogeneous.

  • Rarity: 
    There is but a small amount of gold existing on Earth, thus making it limited and rare.

What makes gold a promising investment tool?

Medium-term and long-term positions of gold as an investment tool look very bright. Being the most predictable and reliable investment tool with a multi-thousand-year history, gold has always been a safe haven in times of instability and crisis.

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The old world is dying, and the new dawn is coming

It’s a time of turmoil and crises, but also time of great opportunities.

Today, you can step forward and conquer the world together with Gold Standard Group.


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